Friday, April 3, 2009

it's been way too long since I wrote poor baby is sick. He has been coughing his head off for a couple days now. He coughs so hard he gags himself it's so sad. So we've been giving him tylenol and he has had to sleep in his car seat cause he can't lay flat on his back (makes him cough more). He went to the dr and they said it's just a cough, nothing they can do.
What's new with me? I got a hair cut a couple weeks ago. It's so much better. It was so long it would get caught in my armpits and behind my back everytime I sat down. ANNOYING! Anyway it's been much easier to deal with.
I am enjoying working part time. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my sister and it's been fun. Crosley and I have gone to the park a couple times and it's just great to be "free". He is so much fun to have around. He is such a great great baby.
I have been talking about doing a crafting business with a couple friends (nothing too crazy). I have been working on making bibs and some other baby stuff. I have been enjoying sewing lately. I am super excited about easter coming up. We have family coming into town...but also I have the cutest outfit for Crosley to wear and I'm excited about that! We have plans for an easter egg hunt with all the cousins and a birthday party and Crosley's baby dedication, all kinds of fun family time. I'm excited!!!
PS Madeline and Hudson call Crosley, Croseley and I think it's adorable.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

dressing Crosley

I have sort of become obsessed with dressing's so fun to pick out cute outfits for him. I love making him look so darn cute!
This is him with the onesie/blankets my sister gave me at my baby shower.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

really cute boy!!

Crosley had his two month check up today...he gained almost 3 pounds in a month! He is up to 10pounds 15 ounces. He also grew 1 and 3/4 inches in the month as well. He is so cute!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

8 weeks

Crosley was 8 weeks old yesterday. It doesn't seem like it's been two months already! He is such a blessing, I have been enjoying him so much. Even as I write this I can't find the words to accurately express how I feel about him. It's more than love. Chad said he was afraid I would love the baby more than him...I can't say that I love Crosley more because it is a completely different type of love. I know that's cliche but it's true!

I can't believe how big he has gotten and how much he has changed these last 8 weeks. He slept 7 hours straight last night...halleluia! I wonder if my sleep will ever be the same as before I had him. I used to sleep for 10-12 hours a night I think and straight through without waking up. I can't imagine being able to sleep like that again. I don't think I could. It's amazing how our bodies adjust to changes. Anyway I know it's been a while and I just wanted to write a little and show him off some more.

He's crying now....better go =)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Crosley Bartlette Evans

After a very long, scary, and painful couple days our little miracle has finally made it into the world. God was watching closely over him! I went into labor (on my own!) on tuesday morning at 5:30 am. I labored all day and night (making little progress) and ended up going to the hospital on wednesday morning around 6 AM. The contractions weren't quite close enough to officially go, but my doctor said just go and we will help you along. As soon as we got settled in they went to start my IV and during them putting that in the babies heart rate dropped then for the first time. I saw it go as low as 50. They immediately put me on oxygen, broke my water, and turned me on my left side. They couldn't find the heart beat for a little while. SCARY! When they got the internal monitor hooked up the heart rate had come back up so they continued with the plan. IV, epidural, then pitocin. They put in the epidural and after that I felt nothing! It was a welcome relief after having contractions anywhere from 6 minutes to 30 minutes apart for 24 hours. After they put in the epidural they started the pitocin and the contractions were coming pretty regularly. I had the pitocin running for several hours and the baby kept having episodes where it's heart rate would drop after a contraction (late deccelerations). They were watching it and after several hours and it happening more frequently they decided to turn off the pitocin. (about 6 PM) After the pitocin was turned off I was still having contractions and it was still happening. The doctor called in a OB specialist, he decided to try an amnio infusion (put more fluid in the uterus) They started that and not long afterwards the babies heart rate dropped (as low as 25! but was hanging out about 65) they couldn't get the rate back up, so at that point they decided no choice but to get the baby out NOW! I'm not sure if my epidural wasn't working or if they had another reason but they had to give me general anesthesia which knocked me out. Because of that Chad wasn't able to be in with me either. So neither one of us was able to see the birth! They told us later that when they finally did open me up Crosley had the cord wrapped around his neck, body, and arms. They said they couldn't even pull him out they had to unwrap him slowly. We are so thankful that God kept him safe during this time. This could have been a devistating experience, but God saw us through and saved our little boy. We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!! Today Crosley had some blood work done and found out that he has jaundice so he is spending the night under lights. We should be going home tomorrow about noon. We're excited to start our new life with the little one! Chad had to go home and make some changes at the house since I did have to have the C section. I'm healing really well, able to get up and walk around with little pain. I sat up on the couch most of the day today and spent the majority of the day out of bed. It felt good! I have been taking meds to help with the pain. And so far it's been very bearable. Breast feeding is going well, after some trouble the first day and a half. We definately need to work on it some more, but it's going much better.

I'll keep you all updated as much as I can!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My venting... I apologize now for it.

I am the first to admit I have had a very easy pregnancy, but these last few weeks have been crap. I am so uncomfortable. I am beyond ready for this baby to come. Some of my most recent symptoms have been...exhaustion, extreme hunger (I could eat non stop), dizziness that just comes on anytime, these stupid occular migraines are coming at least 4 times a week now (the other day I had 3, in one day!), hot all the time (like sweating hot), PAIN in my V area that comes and goes (TMI, sorry), low abdominal pressure (like painful pressure), frequent bathroom trips (like at least three every night), can't get comfortable in bed because my hips hurt so bad if I lay in one spot for more than 15 minutes... so I'm constantly back and forth all night between sides, hip pain when I stand OR sit for any length of time, and a stuffy nose (which could be the season or the hormones, who knows), and above all that I am worried about money, the house staying clean, the birth, and ALL those other things that come along with bringing a new person into your life and home. Don't get me wrong, I am SO excited about this but it is definately a little stressful.
Sorry for whining, but I figured it IS my blog so I can say whatever I want =) RIGHT!
(and I've also been very cranky lately too; everyone ticks me off)

Anyway thanks for letting me vent and hopefully the next time I blog it will be about the beautiful baby I get to bring into this world.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Room

I worked on and almost finished the babies room's been a long process. Now that I am officially finished with my baby showers I can complete the room. I couldn't before because it's never finished until you have all the stuff you're going to have in there. I'm glad to have it finished, now I just have to get my bags packed for the hospital. Then hopefully this baby will decide to come join us!